Thursday, January 6, 2011

Response to your Blog Comments

Following all your comments. Please write the Enrolment No along with the Programme in which you are enrolled. This will help to solve your problems by the concerned School/Division.


  1. sir,
    i am Deborshi Dasgupta student of IGNOU since 2002 which my enrolment no. is 033336663. I have passed out BPP(Bachelor in Preparatory Programme in 2004 and now I am doing my graduation from the university enrolment no. is 044737817. now my question is that whether i can apply for any government jobs or not? if however the question arises about that BPP programme what i will i do? plz help me in regard.

  2. Gudafternoon sir
    i am sakshi koul and my enrollment is 070355012.And i doing Bca from ignou. And my question is:
    my result of cs 70 Bca course is not upgraded.And i donot know my paper is clear or not.Plz sir upgrade my result of cs 70 course.

  3. Well Dear IGNOU first of a congratulation for this new initiative, Well Its well know about the fact that IGNOu does Cherish and initiate new initiatives.
    Well My Concern is that Does IGNOU carry on caring for this initiatives or does it lose the Glory in the mid path way , as it is case with the Face to Face MBA program students of CIAL Academy. First thing even after reaching our 4th semester its highly surprising that the Grade Card for 1st sem even is not updated.
    High irregularity in declaring of result and revaluation results are seen via delays.
    And the most gross matter is the quiet questioning system of evaluation which failes almost 15 student with E grade in a particular subject and almost 12 student who did give for revaluation as others didnt got a upgraded marks to 'A' grade well that is surprising but not for us the same patten was seen again in our next paper too with 33 students getting a D grade and 11 E grade and rest C grades and as all 60 applied for revaluation by to be noted paying Rs.500 Got a Updated result for almost 70% of class.
    It has become a common talk " You dnt need to study in IGNOU u need to have Money to pay revaluation to pass yourIGNOU MBA"

    I do respect the Institution of IGNOU but I am sure there are some really serious irregularities going which has a dire consequences on students and really affects our confidence in the System.'

    CIAL Academy Students

  4. im a BCA student enrolment no. 064158527. im a foreign student and i have a very big problem. after writing my final exams along with the back logs i had from first year, i travelled back to my country but unfortunately, i was failed and i had to come back to sit for exams in june last year. when the results were declared again i was failed and i had to again come back and sit for the exams this last december . i have applied for revaluation all the times that i have appeared for exams with the university. i have reached a point of not knowing exactly where i go wrong. i can't understand why and it has become very expensive for me to come back and fourth for these exams. i have done my best to prepare adequately for the exams but even so, i never seem to get lucky with the evaluators.what would u advise me because im completely depressed with the way my experience has been with the university.

  5. i am a bsc student, my enrolment no. is 075953269. my problem is that one paper of june 2010 tee is yet not declared. again though submitted in march 2010, i have not receive checked assignments till now.
    i think IGNOU authority is playing with students' future. is it the ambition of IGNOU?

  6. Raja, which course/paper's result from june 2010 has not been declared?let us know the exact course may be I can help

  7. Hello I am Ankit Jain Enrl-083907825 Bcom(A&F) course. I cleared all exams in June-09 but till now not received any certificates or grade card.

  8. Well I am back again with more of woes. This is in continuation of my previous blog message about not getting grade card:- Well I was lucky to get it i was relieved but when i checked carefully it showing that i have not completed the assignment of one paper wow MS09 which i got A grade in both theory and Practicals was no complete. And on further examination all my internal marks are given wrongly. I surely agree with Raja This IGNOU is bend on playing with students future as they take all the time they need to do anything and when they do it it is guaranteed never to be perfect. And ya the revaluation results also never got updated in the grade sheet.
    WOW IGNOU definitely is causing a bundle of problems for me and definitely I would advice to any one Against IGNOU due to this reason.

    A very Dissatisfied CIAL Academy Student

  9. Hi I am Ghanshyam Vasishtha Enrl-062517740 BCA. I am waiting for the result of CS-73. I had given the exam in June 2010 but still waiting for the result. All of friends got their result but i am still waiting for the same. Please help me out.

  10. Dear Sir I am Abha kumari enroll-035197744 BCA, I have summited my assignment 4 to 5 times of cs-66 however i did not get my marks on grade gard.

    Please solve this problem Due to this I am not getting my BCA cetificates

  11. enroll no : 610000883
    i heard many things about though i cleared open mat i did'nt join..

  12. Dear Sir,

    I am the student of MTM( Master in Tourism Management )& enrollment no : 082891516 had given the examination on June , 2010 for MTM-10 which had not completed on previous term end examination but the June term end marks have not updated on my grade cards .

    Kindly upgrade this marks on my grade card.

    Thank You .

  13. Please do something. I'm highly frustrated with IGNOU's attitude.
    I'm commenting here with the hope that I will get solution.
    Please honour the purpose for which the blog is created
    It's a question of my future
    Swarnalata Philip 083294883

    1. file a case in consumer forum against ignou. consumer forum fee is 100 rs. only and advocate is not required. in 30 days you will see the justice and a u can receive a compensation.

  14. Dear Sir
    I m greatly pained to say that IGNOU is very apathetic to my grievances

    program: MBAI m doing MBA from IGNOU. I appeared and passed in subjects MS 1 to 11, 93,95,41 and 42 in June 2009, Dec 209 and June2010 Semesters.
    However, I haven't received Grade sheets for the same. I checked with my friends and they have received Grade Cards (Diplomas) for June 09 and Dec 09
    I'm very concerned about the non-receipt of the gradesheets which is hindering me while applying for jobs
    I sent this grivance to on 20/10/2010 and reminder in Dec 2010 and received an automatic reply


    I had tried for two hours today and yesterday to telephone (No 29572218 and 29571000 but they picked up phone once and connected to grade card department
    I was asked to hold the line . I held for 10 minutes. They simply disconnected it
    then I have been trying for an hour and they are not picking up phone

    I have incurred STD expense for around 20 calls yesterday and today without any result

    I gave letter to NagpurRegional office twice to look into the matter. No use...

    What shall I do? I have studied hard to pass the exams ( Sem June 09, Dec 09 andJune 10)
    I have no grade sheet to show when I apply for job
    i get rejected every where. The interviewers don't accept the online gradesheet downloaded from site. The site itself says the GS has no legal validity

    Kyu insaniyat mar gaya hai IGNOU me?
    Am I asking any of your personal belongings

    I'm so frustrated I fell like committing suicide


    Honour the purpose of creating the blog

    Solve my problem


    My address 191, Nelco Society
    Subhash Nagar
    Nagpur 440022

    swarnalata philip

  15. If you dont intend to take action why fool us with blogs and other eye wash????
    Come on act fast
    or just close the blog

  16. Dear Swarnalata

    Read your comments. Sorry to read and my immediate response.
    I will follow your case. Please call Prof. Nawal Kishore Director School of Management. His number is 29532073.
    Try Prof. Pushpalata Tripathi-Director SED. Her number is 29535828.
    They will help you.
    Madhu Parhar

  17. 1) I am a student of BA Program & my Enrl o36102510.

    2) My form for readmission sent on 27 Oct 10 to SR & E, N Delhi [Draft no.200691 of Rs. 1200/- (for two left over courses) dated 27-10-10 of ICICI bank] was returned back to me on 6th Dec mentioning "fee paid is less" even though I had paid the correct fee of Rs.1200/- for two left over courses @ Rs.600/- per course.

    3) I had sent back the form again on 7th Dec along with draft but my readmission has still not been confirmed till date.

  18. My name is Madhav Trivedi
    Enrollment no. 082361935

    When i registered online for the convocation-2011, my money is deducted two times 350/- and 350/-.

    First time the receipt was not generated, so i have to go for second time registraction.

    Whom to contact to get my money back.

    1. file a case in consumer forum against ignou. consumer forum fee is 100 rs. only and advocate is not required. in 30 days you will see the justice and a u can receive a compensation.

  19. my name is fizma khan and my enrollment no is 084522377....i appeared in TEE june 2010(mps finals)but the result of one of my subjects MED-008 has still not been declared even after almost 7 months now...i request the concerned authorities to look into the matter.....plz.....and reply on my email id

  20. I'm presently studying MBA in IGNOU.I dont know the purpose of having a new website when old one was working fine.In the new site you can neither track the registration status nor the latest material despatch status.These status were easily trackable on old site.There is no provision for a transparent feedback system also.Then why is IGNOU wasting public time & money in upgrading website.

  21. Iam a student of MP (reg no 002439963). I completed all the required 21 papers in jan 2009, but iam yet to receive my Grade card, provisional and degree certificates. I visited the Chennai RC in person several times, no use.

    I sent many letters to Maidan Garhi, but till date no reply or update. I cant even register for the convocation thro online (it says my reg no is invalid). The online status shows my correct commn address and confirms my course completion status also.

    Pls reply to my mail id and do the needful as i need to submit my certificate to my employer ASAP.

  22. Respected Sir,
    I K Lakshmi Devi Enrol No. 082282729 is a studnet of BSCN (PB) in IGNOU. My study centre 0182P. I completed my course and appeare final Exams in December,2010. IGNOU are not released term end practical results of 1st & 2nd years of this study center till this date in the IGNOU web site. Please inform me about the said studies results if any for my mail Id., CENTER CODE 0182P.

  23. i live in saudi arabia.cani take admission in diploma in electronic engineering in ignou thru its riyadh study centre,plz reply.

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. Hello Sir/Madam,

    This is regarding my 1st semester assignment marks that are not updated in the grade card.

    My enrollment number is 071766969 and i am an MCA student.I did my 1st semester in Hyderabad, after that as I got transferred to Chennai due to my work necessity in the month of June, I couldn’t have my assignment marks rectified with the study centre.

    I had submitted all my assignments on time but the details of my assignments are not reflected in the Grade card. As I was working from Chennai, it was not possible for me to verify with the study centre at Hyderabad in personnel. My Hyderabad study centre details are given below.

    Hyderabad Study Centre:


    I request you to look into this as soon as possible as this is affecting my results as not completed.

    Also my mini project MCS044 for the 4th semester that i had submitted is not yet updated. If i ask with my current study centre which is Guru Nanak college at Velachery (chennai),they say they have sent them to the authorities at Delhi and they haven't updated yet.

    I am currently out of the country for more than a year and i have been sending n number of mails and calls but no response to solve my queries.

    Please let me know how should I proceed further in getting this resolved.

  26. sir,
    I am a student of BCA enrollment no. 061403410.
    I have given june 10 tee for course cs-64 in which I was failed... further I have given that paper for revaluation for which results were not declared till january 2011. then I wrote an application regarding non- declaration of results for which they declared the result today and gave me 20 which earlier was 35. I dont understand what to do now.. Due to only this paper which is not cleared I am unable to get the graduation degree and can't fill any further admission or competition exam forms.
    i m really depressed, please help me out.

  27. Hi
    I am student enrolled for MBA(B & F).I was going through the website where it has been informed that the exam result will be declared within 45 days of the completion of exam.Can they bring an ordinance also for giving the study material and submission of assignments in time so that the student gets enough time to submit the assignments.In my first SEM i had a bitter experience of getting the study material by OCT 20 and submitting it by 31st OCT.Second sem till now i have not received any communication except the re-registration fee receipt.By april end we have to submit the assignments.No counselling session as of now.Its a mess.No body to tell where to go and where to tell the plight.

  28. Hi
    I am student enrolled for MBA(B & F).My enrollment no is 105023747 .I was going through the website where it has been informed that the exam result will be declared within 45 days of the completion of exam.Can they bring an ordinance also for giving the study material and submission of assignments in time so that the student gets enough time to submit the assignments.In my first SEM i had a bitter experience of getting the study material by OCT 20 and submitting it by 31st OCT.Second sem till now i have not received any communication except the re-registration fee receipt.By april end we have to submit the assignments.No counselling session as of now.Its a mess.No body to tell where to go and where to tell the plight.

  29. hi, my name is Amrinder Singh and i m a student of MCA(054053597) and I want to know that if there is a campus placement for freshers in ignou. As in the placement registration form there is no option for freshers to apply for job. Please tell me if there is any procedure that freshers can apply for job.
    Amrinder Singh

  30. To Madhu Parhar
    Thanks for your reply
    Are you from IGNOU?
    If so,Kindly do something about my query
    I tried both numbers (as usual,
    no one is picking up)

    And one more problem
    I first submitted my synopsis for project on 30.03.2010 ( A year agto)
    and it got rejected and sent to me in august
    Again I sent another synopsis on 28.10.2010 through speed post
    Till date not received any reply .
    What shall I do?
    I think I will finish IGNOU degree only after my great great grandchild is born
    Swarnalata Philip 083294883

  31. Teh new website is not user friendly
    The earlier website was clear
    In this new, one has search endlessly till we chance upon the required field accidently.
    The old website was good.
    The new website doesnt show the online exam for application status due to which i could not appear for Dec 10 exams
    Jai Ho IGNOu

  32. Dear sir/madam,

    My name is Rahul singh bisht and my roll no. is 105116867. my result is not updated yet while i have fully attended all the theory and practical exams and i just wanna know about rechecking of the exams paper. my email id is please do the needful.
    thank you.

  33. Superb blog post, I have book marked this internet site so ideally I’ll see much more on this subject in the foreseeable future!

  34. Sir/Madam,

    I am Nishita Goyal, pursuing B.Com(A&F) and my enrollment no is 100026444. I haven't yet appeared in any of the TEE, nor submitted any assignments yet because of my CA course. I want to appear in the June 2011 TEE. I haven't received the assignments.
    Please inform that where can i get the assignments and exam form from and what is the last date for submission of assignments(to appear in June 2011 TEE) and the exam form for the same


  35. I am trying to reach phone lines for student evaluation but it seems people over there are too busy to respond to any call, i kept trying for 1 hr today. Pls share direct contact number/ name of the responsible person who will able to solve my query for the results.

  36. Respected sir/madam

    programme code BTWRE
    Enrollment no. 051449393

    Mobile no. 9424669305

  37. Dear Sir,

    I am MCA-5 sem student, We require some guide line to submit the examination form.According to exam form instruction, assignment marks clearity required for submit the exaimation form. Our study center not accepting and signed before submit of assignment because assignment submition date is 30 April'11.

    30 April '11 is too late to submit the examination form.
    Kindly guide us to submit the examination form.

    Name Nisha Bangari
    Enroll No- 054919522
    Study center code- 0758 (NSIC)

  38. Dear Sir/Mam,

    Please guide us.............
    We are unable to submit the examination form.
    Our NSIC study center not signed and stamp in examination form before taking assignment.
    Assignment submition date is 30 April 11 and exam form submit date is 30 march 11.
    How we will submit the examination form.

    Please Please guide us...........
    We are waiting for your response..............

    Name- hemlata
    Enroll No- 072054485

  39. Hi,

    I am Nikhat waiting for update of MS-66 paper as registered course from MUmbai regional centre.My enrollment no is 083481967.

    My result is withheld because of this.I appeared in paper MS-66 in Dec 2010.

  40. Hello,

    I am Piyali Adhikari, BDP 075942979. The online status of my assignment marks in EPA05 has yet not been updated. The study centre(2804) officials say they've sent the marks to Delhi.

    I also would like to know, when will I be getting the Degree certificates or mark sheet so that i can enroll myself into Master's programme.

    Please Help.

  41. Respected sir/mam,
    Myself Anindita Hajra Choudhuri ENROLMENT NO-073652179, student of BCA program have appeared for cs-76(project)in jan 2011 in which i got 90 in theory and 20 in viva.My result shows that i am pass but in my grade card its showing not completed.So can you please help me out as in what should be my next step towards this result.

  42. Respected sir/mam,
    Myself Anindita Hajra Choudhuri ENROLMENT NO-073652179 student of BCA program have appeared for cs-68(computer networks)in june 2010 in which i got 25 out of 75.I was sure that i m going to pass in this subject and for that reason i have asked for a xerox copy of my answer scripts also...I received the answer scripts in which the correct answers were marked wrong.If my correct answers are made correct then i will definitely pass in this subject...Kindly do something

  43. Sir,

    I have registered for MS-100 in July2008 session. After that I submitted and resubmitted the Project Synopsis four times and finally got approval in the month of Feb' 2010 only. There after I done the project and submitted the project report in the month of Oct'2010.

    As I was under the impression that for MS-100 the four semester restriction starts from the approval of project synopsis semester only. But now my Dec'2010 session result shows that MS-100 is not eligible for that session.

    Kindly advice me how I can solve this issue and the MS-100 result shall be added in Dec'2010 session itself.
    Also request to solve the issue of project synopsis approval which may take two three semesters thereby not giving the student to properly prepare and submit the project.

    Yours faithfully,
    Sobish C S
    Project Report No.50121

  44. Sir,
    I am not getting any idea about our actual pass percentage at present. I am Debasish Das (Enrolment number:054290571,BCA).

    I have got an information that our pass percentage mark has been decreased to 40% from 50% recently for all the students irrespective of their admission time. So, sir would you please confirm me that whether the information is true or not, and will it be applicable for me also (Because I enrolled my name in IGNOU in 2005 july)?
    Waiting eagerly for your reply.

    Yours faithfully,
    Debasish Das
    Enrolment no: 054290571
    Prog Code: BCA
    Contact no. 09903168157

    Chandrabati, PO-Podrah
    West Bengal

  45. thanks a lot ignou......i am now pass in cs i am waiting for my cs 68 revaluation results..hope it gets clear...

  46. I am saurabh kumra,MAH 091835307. The online status of my assignment marks in MHI-03,MHI-04,MHI-06,MHI-08,MPSE-03 & MPSE-04 has yet not been updated. The study centre(0567) officials say they've sent the marks to Delhi.
    My all TEE are clear but due to the assignments marks my result is not finalised.

    So Please Help.

  47. sir,
    i am davinder kumar student of IGNOU since 2010 which my enrolment no. is 105103312. I have passed out BPP(Bachelor in Preparatory Programme in 2010 and now my question is that my bpp results is not complete in the reason of one assiment mark is not show i am going to the study center and ask him my assimant mark and he tell me i dn;t know your assiment mark and the last date of admission of part1 is 15 of April.what i will i do? plz help me in regard.

  48. This comment has been removed by the author.

  49. I have registered as an MBA(HRM) student(002433100). I have completed all my courses successfully before december 2010 and got my synopsis approved in october 2010 i have completed my project and report is ready for query is can i submit the report straight away since i have got synopsis approved before december 2010 or i have to get credit transfer done. D.VIJESWARAN,

  50. we publises our problem not only for publicity
    but solving our problem . no one consider even on one month has passed away..
    plz sir consider our problem

  51. plz................................
    send my revaluation result june 2010(mcse-003)
    program code-mca
    enroll no --033206049
    my re-registration date is very near(30th april)

  52. Dear Sir, I am Rakesh enrolled in IGNOU for completion of my B.C.A. in 2003, my Enrollment No. is 030717380, but i highlly dissatisfy with this University cuz it just not wasted my money but also my valuable time, just because of this today i am helpless and it is very harmful for poor people as like me.I think IGNOU is just a way of earn money for the corrupted people.Please give my degree of B.C.A. so i can left it. Thanks

  53. Respected sir/madam maine isi sal aapke kharagpur branch IGNOU main M.A main admission liya hai. waha ke jo madam hai MITALI wo ek dum aacha wauhar nahi karte hai ,mere sath hi kal unho ne aisa wauhar kaya ki mujhe aacha mahi laga, isliye aapko mail kar rahi hu. unhone hi student ko contect karne ke liye no. diya hai , so maine kal raat ko 7:53 ko unhe call kaya to phone uthane ke sath sath gussa hokar kahne lage ki itne raat ko call kyu kiya itne raat ko mujhe kav call maat karna, unhe call na karu to no. dene ka kya matlab huwa. plz sir u take a some strick action to her. kyuki kal hi nahi unhone iske pahle v mare sath unrespected wauhar kiya hai. i want that u take some strick. agar jarurat pade to unhe fired v kar digiye.

  54. hy i would like to know how long will it take a student having an associate degree to get a degree frm ignou..\

  55. Respected Madam,

    i m Arshad pathan, My enrollment no is 072353290. my Study center is 0920.

    my all subjects of MCA are clear and all assignments was submitted,but still i am not getting COMPLETE in my grade card.

    please guide me what can i do for this problem,
    my assignment marks are not updated in my grade card of these subjects.
    and Mini project MCS-044 marks is also not updated.
    my all classmate got clear, just my marks are not updated.

    from long time i am trying for this problem.
    please replay me. what i have to do to solving this problem..


  56. Respected Madam/Sir,
    Its my hearty request to you for getting my bachelor degree certificate on bts.I need it badly the certificate its required to get a job. I have passed out all my bts theorital subject but still my assignment marks are not added.I have submitted all of assignment and 3 projects also.I have submitted my assignment to Mr.D.P.Banerjee at my study centre 2854(D) on last year.
    So its my request to added my assignment marks and my project marks to clear my bachelor degree certificate.So plea look after my problem and help me out to get my certificate soon,as i need urgently to get a job by submitting my degree certificate.

    Sanjeet sinha
    Enrolment no:-075956827
    Cell no:-9378213501

  57. Hey! I am sure that you people of IGNOU are just eye-washing us by opening this bullshit blog. u are not answering our query at all. I kept a query before u more than one month ago, but so what? As usual i haven't got any reply. Please shut it down if this does not help the students.

  58. Hi!!!

    I gave my exam in dec 2010. Till date the result of FEG-01 has not been declared yet. I have given an applicaion at my regional centre Nagpur but no response yet, Kindly help me with my problem and get my marks of FEG-01 uploaded.

    Pranay Maloo
    Em NO. 092272803
    Course- (A&F)

  59. me btcm ujjain madhya pradesh ka student ho.meri exam 1 june 2011 se start he.lekin aaj 31 may tak mera hall ticket nahi aaya he or na hi internet par ayaa karan me june 2011 ki exam nahi de pa raha hoo.bhopal madhya pradesh rigeonal center code no. 0015 par phone kiya to office staff phone nahi uthata he 5 ghante try karne ke baad phone uthate bhi he to hold par rakh dete he.jeske karn meri suisait karne jesi isthiti baan gai he jiske jawabdar ignou bhopal staff hoga.........................

  60. ignou university forad hai mera june 2010 ka result abhi tek nahi goshit kiya hai please reaply me 9050944684

  61. ignou university ke padadikari tik tikra se baat nahi kertai hai please reaply me satish yamuna nagar haryana 9050944684

  62. hii i have failed to submit my BSW assignment for the term end exam june 2011.When can i re-submit the assignment and could i be able to write the ist year exam within this year by Dec.What should be my next step.please reply.Thank you.

  63. I had enrolled for B.Com A& F, reg no. 092212592. Its been over a year and since I cleared my course, howver till date despite repeated mails and letters I have NOT RECEIVED MY GRADE CARD AND DEGREE. No one at the centre is providing any solution/ans for the same. Grievance forum would not accept the compliant. I have tried ther eno of times. I hop[e you understand teh seriousness of the issue and its effect on my career. I am not able to register for any course because of this. I am hoping through this my matter would be brought to teh attention of appropriate authorities for speedy redressal.

  64. Dear Mate,

    I am Keshari Ketan Dash, I have completed BCA and MCA in 2003,2006 having roll no -011967623.My question is here that why numbers of IT company did not allowed IGNOU who have completed both BCA and MCA. If any one compleated regular course like BSC. then company allowd. So I personally request you pls take a look and help us so that we will helpful...


  65. SUB: Request for Lab attendance documents for MCSL025 and MCSL045

    I was student of Study Centre – 2777 till Feb, 2010. After which I took transfer to Study Centre – 0107, RC – Hyderabad. My Program Code is MCA and Enrolment No is 051385197.

    All relevant documents got transferred to the new RC and SC. However, I’ve got information from my study centre that Lab attendance document is not received by my current SC yet, which is required to attend Lab exams for MCSL025 and MCSL045 in July 2011.

    I attended lab for MCSL-025 for July_2005 - Dec_2005 session and for MCSL-045 for July_2006 - Dec_2006 session. Marks (in the grade card) in the above two lab exams proves that I had attended required number of labs, that’s why I was allowed to appear in those exams.

    I contacted Allahabad SC, they said that they can send those documents only to Hyderabad SC - and that too, when Hyderabad requests for the same.

    When I contacted my current study centre, they asked me to get those certificates from Allahabad SC. They told me that I should ask Allahabad SC to send those certificates to me by postal mail. And then, I need to submit the same to them as hard copy, few days before lab exams.

    I can’t visit Allahabad Study centre, as I am in Hyderabad. I am almost stuck between these two study centres. I request you to send documents/reports (attested by the centre coordinator) to my registered address as soon as possible. It's question of my career. I have only these two papers left to complete my MCA.

    Please note that I've already taken re-admission for above two papers.

    Anju Jha
    Enrol. No. - 051385197

  66. I wanted to know that I got admission in BCA Program in July 2011 Session...When will they communicate with me?Still I've not received my Enrolment No,ID Card & Study Materials

  67. I am a student of IGNOU. I have just received my result for the TEE exams for MCA(1st semester). I had pinned very high hopes on the C exam because all the questions were from the IGNOU book and I had studied quite well. I even mugged up programs from balaguruswamy. Now, I have flunked in this paper in which I was expecting the highest score of all the subjects. I can claim that I am better than the person who scored the highest in this exam under your university. I worked on my C BASICS like no one else and could even write my own programs by now like how to convert a hexadecimal number to a decimal number and all kinds of programs related to files.

    I heard all sorts of nonsense about the university that they flunk students just to increase their number of years. The marking policy is not apt. I believed that this was only true for those people who dont study because of their jobs. I was in the house for almost 2 months as I quit my job at the end of March putting up almost 7-8 hours per day. I studied this subject with a great interest because it is the building block to my career as a programmer. When I knew all the programs in the paper and wrote them correctly, why was I FLUNKED. You can still ask me any program from the paper whether its about matrix addition, putting up an array of numbers or malloc. The worst part is that I even did the program related to array of numbers in the practical correctly. The palindrome program in the paper was one of my favorite ones, and yet I have been flunked in the paper.

    I wanted to become a programmer and take my career ahead. I mugged, understood and studied the books of this university because of my interest to pursue this degree and learn about computers. Now, with this great unsuccess in the first paper, I am totally discouraged and feeling whether I possess the aptitude to be a programmer. I have not slept properly since the past few days and feel like committing suicide.

  68. Dear Sir,

    I'm BCA student, enrollment no:100020880. How can i come to know is my admission form is sent to ignou delhi? To do inquire in regional center I don't have any receipt which they give on submission of 4th sem BCA admission form.
    Please help me to know my admission status....


  69. Dear Sir,

    I'm BCA student, enrollment no:100020880. If I didnt admitted for BCA 4th sem is it possible to take exams which are back in 2nd & 3rd sem? And is it possible to take admission for 4th sem in next Jan 2012 batch?

  70. Dear sir ,
    I am ENGG. Student of mumbai university , I have passed in revaluation the result was declared online, Is it possible that i could fail when the original marksheet is printed

  71. lots of thanks for great feedback work by ignou regional centre nagpur.

  72. Dear Sir,

    My name is Bikiran Bordoloi.I am IGNOU BDP 2nd year student with enrollment number- 105073527.I have submitted all my assignments and sat for my First Year TEE exam in June 2011.But till now IGNOU hasn't uploaded my FEG-1 marks in my grade card.After all my repeated request to my Study Center(Code-0408)they still haven't sent my marks to regional center.I request you Sir, please look into my matter and upload my marks as quickly as possible.

  73. please let me know how much supplimentary are allowed to proceed to next semester???? m nt at all satisfied wid my result of BCA 1st sem December TEE...
    Please help .......

  74. Dear Sir,

    This is Niket, I am a student of BTS. My Enrollment no is 076290150. I cleared my all exams in 2010 only but due to Project reports i still awaiting to complete my Grade Card My next step to appear in MBA but i still awaiting result of a Project report PTS-05 which i submitted on 15 November'11. As per my request update my grade card on priority to start MBA from the next section only and the IGNOU already announced DECEMBER TTE Results but i still awaiting for Project status by your side of the same do it on Urgent basis on my E-mail @ if possible or in the grade card.

    AWAITING FOR REPLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Enroll : 076290150
    Mob : 09873485038

  75. i've not received bege-102, books for 1st semester
    enrolment no 120607171
    programe BCOM


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  77. IGNOU is teribble. A simple thing like giving us the Grade Card and Provisional Degree also, we have to beg and grovel for. When a student has rightfully paid the registration amount, written the exams and passed it, isn't it IGNOU's duty to send us the Grade cards and Degree Certificates?
    Shame on IGNOU for making its students suffer this way.

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  79. To

    The Respected Sir (Regional Director),

    Good Morning Sir,
    My name is Varun Dev. V am one of the 5th semester student of IGNOU doing MCA at Kottayam. Sir I have given one of my exam result for Revaluation, but till the day it's result haven't been published yet sir. Most of my friends who where also been awaiting for the revaluation result of our 4th semester examination has got their results published. So please I will be glad to know the details as causing this delay with the paper "MCS041" sir. Hope for a good response Sir

    My Enrolment Number is 083771100
    Full Name: Varun Dev.V

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  81. gud afternoon sir,
    Hallo sir , I m vikash & persuing mca from IGNOU.
    I have completed bca from ignou in 2011, my session is 2008 - 2011 . But unfortunately i couldn't receive my degree right now...........
    Regarding sir below information belongs to me.......
    name - vikash kumar singh,
    enrollment no. - 084597096,
    program code - MCA,
    study center code - 0548(p),
    regional center- Darbhanga,
    regional center code - 46
    contact no- 09015534496, 08802901256.
    Sir, plz inform me where will we get BCA degree, either Maidan Garhi or My regional center Darbhanga...........

  82. sir/madam

    my self prakash kumar i m (2008-13),i m now pursuing M.C.A from ignou and i was pass out my B.C.A in 2009 and can not recieved my degree from regional center ...
    sir/madam , my request to you please give information about my degree and how can i get my degree and from where.....

    Name :- PRAKASH KUMAR ,
    Er. no. : -085552469
    study center code :-0548p
    Regional center code :-darbhanga
    contact no. :-9015158834

    with best regards

  83. I have completed my BA from IGNOU on 14 Aug 14. How much time university take to dispatch provisional certificate. Is any form is required to be filled for this purpose?

  84. Hello Sir/Madam,

    I bring to your notice that, I have not received my certificates. I have sent to IGNOU as my name was not correctly printed. It is been 10 months now, I have made numerous calls, been transferred to many sections,

    As last step I am writing to you with utmost and desperate feeling, My state got bifurcated and I have to register my B.Sc nursing Post Basic certificates in Nursing council here in my state.

    Kindly Please look into this and send my certificates back.

    S. Krupa Jyothirmai
    Enrollment #: 082283555
    Course : BSCN (PB)

  85. Respected sir
    If I have given tte exam on june 2014 for B.A COURSE FOR FIRST YEAR , till now my marksshould be updated but whenever I check my marks from ignou site it is always shown incomplete amd I have also submitted my all assignments of all subjects before the tte exam but till now its is still shown incomplete in my results .
    I have send this same querie on ignous email id but they have not replied me till now.
    Can you please tell me sir why is my results areshown incomplete.
    And I have one more qs j want tk ask from yu
    If I have given tte exams in june 2014 for B.A COURSE FOR FIRST YEAR , then when I have to submit assignments for b.a second year 2014-2015 , I have to submit assignments on January 2015 or march 2015.
    Please help me sir its very important for me to know these things because of this me and my family is getting tenesd if I am failed or passed in my b.a. june 2014 tte exams and then I have to start working on my assignments of b.a. course for second year.
    Till now only one assignment ES0 14 is updated on ignous site for 2014-2015 and 3 more subjects that ks
    bege 101
    bege 103
    fst 1
    These 3 subjects assignments have not updated on ignous site .
    I am getting vry tensed for my results.
    sooo please rply me and help me .
    ENROLLMENT NO- 135612450
    COURSE - BDP - B.A.

    Please rply me here only or send me yur rplies on my these two emails

  86. This is knowledgeable information shared by you. Thanks for sharing it, keep it on...

    More Ignou books you can visit here -

  87. sir my name is akash deep my enrollment number is 151674672...i have been registered in ignou on january 2015 session...sir half of my books has been provided by my study centre DAV PG College dehradun code 2705..and half of my books will be reaching to me by i want to know that when will that material reaching to me..plzzz teel me sir

  88. Hello sir/mam. I am Masud Akhtar from study centre deoghar(3609). I am a student of bdp. I have given the exam of bege-103 in december 2014. I have given the exam well. I was fully confident about 60+ marks. But when results declared i was shocked to see only 35 marks, which was accurate minimum. Now i am confused what to do. Can anyone suggest me? By 35 marks i supposed to be passed. Can i fill revaluation form or can i give again this bege 103 exam in july 2015?..plz me or whatsapp me...plzzzz

  89. Hello sir/mam. I am Masud Akhtar from study centre deoghar(3609). I am a student of bdp. I have given the exam of bege-103 in december 2014. I have given the exam well. I was fully confident about 60+ marks. But when results declared i was shocked to see only 35 marks, which was accurate minimum. Now i am confused what to do. Can anyone suggest me? By 35 marks i supposed to be passed. Can i fill revaluation form or can i give again this bege 103 exam in july 2015?..plz me or whatsapp me...plzzzz

  90. Hello I am Sonia Rai Enrl-122345909 B-ed course. I cleared all exams in June-14 but till now not received any certificates or grade card.

  91. I have got 29 0ut of 100 in BCS-011 and 14 out of 100 in Eco-01. I have got 68 and 80 in assignment on respective subjects.. After adding assignment marks can I pass in term end examination in BCA IGNOU....

  92. Hiii ignou , I want to know I have submit my first semster fees of BCA 1st semster, now before appearing for exam of BCA 1st semster whether I have to submit 2nd semster fees in advance also ?

  93. This comment has been removed by the author.

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  95. Thanks for sharing this wonderful news i am also IGNOU Student most of website are down due to heavy traffic so i have found direct link to know details of Ignou Dec 2015 result here is the links bellow:

  96. i want to know wat is passing marks for ASP101 ? and for assignment?

  97. i want to know wat is passing marks for ASP101 ? and for assignment?

  98. Respected sir,
    My name is STUTI KANSAL , I have given the exams of my BA 2nd year TTE EXAMS OF DECEMBER 2015 and my results are also out now , I got super shocked when I saw that I have got very less marks in all my 2 subjects out of 100 . It’s impossible, I am sure something has went wrong while checking my paper I request you to recheck my paper again and it would be a great help and support ; because of this mistake or not checking the paper properly I am getting worried and my parents are also getting worried as they know I have given my best in all the 4 subjects exams . Can you please recheck all 4 subjects’ paper and tell me the right marks.
    ENROLMENT NO – 135612450
    1. ESO 14
    2. FST 01

    And I also want to ask if my results of TTE DECEMBER exams will be added in my results of TTE JUNE EXAMS
    Like I have gotten 25 marks in june tte exam in subject FST 01 and 18 marks in december tte exam in same subject FST 01 so my total marks will be 43 marks in FST 01 so I will be passed in this subject or not .

    Please reply after reading my mail ; you can send me your replies on
    my these 2 email id’s

    I will be waiting for your reply .
    Or you can send me your reply on these mobile no’s
    1) 8800446738 – my mobile no
    2) 9868921614 – my fathers mobile no
    3) 9818322628 – my fathers second mobile no

    Thanking you
    Yours sincerely

  99. hello sir meri DEC 2015 me 2 subject me back aai h .. so again exam dene ke liye kya kya process h or kab de sakte h exam again?.

  100. hi
    this is priyanka
    please some body tell me how to prepare for af
    and guide me how to write the papers so that i can complete in this term exams

  101. Sagar garg
    Bcom a&f 150297761. Not received any certificate it is creating problem in my Mcom registration from Ignou

  102. Dear Sir,
    I am Thwisha.k. I am a student of IGNOU of BCOMAF course, Enrollment No.: 140850249.
    I had submitted all assignments in dec'15 term end exam cycle. I have received all subjects theory marks. But my assignment marks for FEG1 is still not updated on the grade card site. Kindly do the needful.

    Thank You,
    Thwisha K
    Enrollment No. 140850249

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  109. Respected sir,
    I had given papr of bcom part 1 backlog recently and I didn't got clear in exm but I really believe tht I should get at least the passing marks n I had got late for the revaluation form ... but I want to see my papr once so whT should I do for tht ....? Or even I want my papers to be checked once
    My enrolment no. Is : 2015016600761966
    My subjects are: PBM and CLSP
    U can rply me on my email Id
    Plz help me out

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  111. My name is Gaurav Mahajan. My enrollment number is 157116014. I am a student of MCA. I did not recieve my PGDCA certificate on proposed time. 3 days ago, I got a message from ignou to register to the 30th convocation; as a current students, i didn't need to register. But while clicking on the registering option just to see the layout, I found out that my address was given wrong. Even though I had already changed it at the regional centre. I felt a sudden urge to register for the convocation at the new(corrected) address. My query is, will I have to register for my MCa certificate again at the of my course? The other query is how do I unregister from the convocation. i am kinda freaking out here because I am at my 4th semester and I am afraid that IGNOU might end my course at PGDCA.

  112. Dear Sir/mam,
    I want to apply for re-evaluation of ose-043 term end dec 2016 exam(failed/not completed).
    Where should I submit the re-evaluation form?
    At Indian Institute of Psychometry CODE - 2841(my study center)
    or at ignou regional centre Bikash Bhavan?

    Also,I should have atleast received passing marks in without applying for re-evaluation(financial/time problem),is there any way to resolve my issue?please help me.

    Enrolment Number: 156890134
    Program: ACISE

  113. As according to ignou rule over all pass mark for any mca subject is 40% I got overall 48% in mca 53 it show sc in comment line but in back of my marsheet it is written that less than 50% mean unsucsses what it double meaning

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  115. I am searching the MA Courses list of the IGNOU University. Can you please provide me the link by which I cam download the IGNOU Courses sample papers in the PDF format.

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  118. I am facing problem in submitting IGNOU OPENMAT Application form as steps are not cleared to me. Please provide me steps to submit IGNOU OPENMAT Application. So that i can submit my form before the date ends. Thank you..!