Saturday, January 23, 2010

Why Measure Student Satisfaction?

Student satisfaction studies can be justified from several in the Indian Content. Education is a social sector with public funding. Public expenditure needs to be justified because public pays for it through direct and indirect taxes. In the present age, the tax payers are becoming conscious about the value and utility of their money.

Secondly, government has to justify its allocation to education in preference over and/or comparison to other service sectors like health, agriculture etc.

Thirdly, student satisfaction studies are important in open universities as students enrolled in this system pay for their education. Formal system has high public cost and insignificant private cost compared to low or no public cost in open and distance education and high or exclusive private cost. Hence open universities are obliged to respond to student satisfaction.

Fourthly, the government and universities must know how well they are doing with respect to education. Studies of student satisfaction can provide important clue to the system performance.

Fifthly, the attrition or drop out rate in open and distance education is high all over the globe, IGNOU is no exception. Dissatisfaction is an important reason for student drop out. Studies show that more satisfied the students more is the completion rate. Such studies at regular intervals can significantly alter the drop out scenario.


  1. First of all please make arrangements to attend phone calls to IGNOU. None of the numbers given in the IGNOU website for "contact us" is not picking up.

  2. The T.E.E. result should be published within 3moths for DCLE(G). Assignment Paper should be published in Jan,2011 for January 2011 season.
    Grade Card should be updated within 1month after sending the marks by Regional Centres.

  3. Ignou staff not pick call and phone number always busy. please make 24hours call centre for student support and improve sending study material procedure.

  4. Student of DELHI-2 Region India,

  5. Well Dear IGNOU first of a congratulation for this new initiative, Well Its well know about the fact that IGNOu does Cherish and initiate new initiatives.
    Well My Concern is that Does IGNOU carry on caring for this initiatives or does it lose the Glory in the mid path way , as it is case with the Face to Face MBA program students of CIAL Academy. First thing even after reaching our 4th semester its highly surprising that the Grade Card for 1st sem even is not updated.
    High irregularity in declaring of result and revaluation results are seen via delays.
    And the most gross matter is the quiet questioning system of evaluation which failes almost 15 student with E grade in a particular subject and almost 12 student who did give for revaluation as others didnt got a upgraded marks to 'A' grade well that is surprising but not for us the same patten was seen again in our next paper too with 33 students getting a D grade and 11 E grade and rest C grades and as all 60 applied for revaluation by to be noted paying Rs.500 Got a Updated result for almost 70% of class.
    It has become a common talk " You dnt need to study in IGNOU u need to have Money to pay revaluation to pass yourIGNOU MBA"

    I do respect the Institution of IGNOU but I am sure there are some really serious irregularities going which has a dire consequences on students and really affects our confidence in the System.'

    CIAL Academy Students

  6. Ignou staff not pick call and phone number always busy. please make 24hours call centre for student support and improve sending study material procedure.

  7. Marfina PP


    I am Marfina PP doing BCA program under IGNOU. I am now fifth semester student.

    My enrollment Number is 083770534
    My address is:
    Marfina PP
    Darul Huda
    P.O. Kuzhimanna

    Email ID is

    My issue is that my second semester result (June 2009) is not yet declared. It is shown that courses not opted. But if you look at the IGNOU official website admission status (July 2008), it is clear that I have opted these courses. But yet why my result status is shown so.

    I contacted the regional office. They told me come directly over to there. I went, said about the problem, and submitted a letter. They told me that the problem will be solved within one week and gave a phone number to contact. When I contacted the phone number after two weeks, they told me that since it is result status issue the action has to be taken from New Delhi, however, action will be taken within two weeks. Now it is more than a year. Yet no action has been taken. I am angry with calling the regional center. Since every time I call, they tell to hold and no response will be given finally. Later I have also addressed a letter mentioning my issues. But still no action.

    Another issue with me is that I have not yet received grade cards of any semester.

    I request you to take an immediate action and let me know of the progress to my mail. I have also mailed many times mentioning my issues. But all was useless. I hope at least this blog service will be useful.

  8. Sir,

    Please take an immediate action to maintain the student's trust on the blog service.


  9. I am a student of PGDIPR {Enrollment no: 105023101}. I have joined in JULY 2010. I Stay in Mangalore, Karnatka... But my study centre is alloted in Bangalore KLE college code 1383. I am trying to contact the people in Bangalore REgional centre as well as KLE college regarding My assisnment , course etc,,,, But till now there is no response,,, nor they are receiving my call.... No one is there to attend any phone calls in Bangalore Regional centre. I have received my ID and confirmation letter.
    I want to know about my assignment and other course details. It is very difficult and impossible for me to travel to Bangalore from mangalore which is around 350 kms away from my place.
    Hence i Kindly request you to assist me to get the above information and also to change my study centre from bangalore to mangalore.

    With Regards

    PH: 9743498107
    Add: 4H, 109-D, 6 Th Cross,
    Girinagar, Landlinks, Derebail Konchady,
    Mangalore, Karnataka-575008

  10. Sir,
    I have completed my MBA program from IGNOU. I'm yet to receive my final grade card, provisional certificate and degree certificate. Could you please revert as to when i could get them?

  11. I am doing MBA and completed all ut 3 papers . So far I have not received any marksheets for any exams passed by me.
    I have time and again written to SED. wrote in this blog also.
    Other students are getting mark/grade sheets withina month of results
    But I havenot received any inspite of appearingfor 4 semesters
    I wonder what's the use of this blog if no action is taken to solve the queries of thestuddents?

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  13. i am planing to give my mp program to revaluation .ihave doute will they send the same marks.many of them are saying not to apply

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